• Better Quality Sleep 7 secrets to sleeping soundly I used to be exhausted all the time and just thought it was old age uninvitingly knocking on my door (okay, it may still be old age). But I realized it wasn’t because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. It was because I wasn’t getting quality sleep. Over the past two… [Continue Reading]

    Better Quality Sleep – 7 secrets to sleeping soundly
  • International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8th every year. Originally a holiday in Soviet Russia, it is now celebrated on a global scale. On this day we reflect on progress, we call to action, we celebrate the strength and endurance of the women who paved the way for us. In my welcome note… [Continue Reading]

    International Women’s Day 2019- Women CEO’s
  • “We’re spending a weekend in Napa for our anniversary,” my boyfriend announces. Ahh.. Napa Valley. The land of luxurious estates, lavish resorts, and globally-acclaimed wine. A normal person would turn into the star-eyed emoji and pack in a blink of an eye. But being the thrift-shopping, “we’re not throwing this toothpaste away until we squeeze… [Continue Reading]

    Ballin On a Budget: Napa Valley
  •   3 years? Whew, chile. Today marks my longest relationship- ever. While this would be the perfect opportunity to glorify our highs, I’m gonna take this moment to go against the grain and talk about our lows. My mission for this new lifestyle blog is to help people. And I feel like highlighting the not-so-perfect… [Continue Reading]

    3 Year Anniversary/ Trust Issues
  • Another birthday, another year of life has passed. But what’s another 365 days without acquiring some wisdom? Whether it be undoing bad habits, learning more about yourself, or mastering a new skill or two- I made a commitment to not be the same person I was the year before. I made a list of 15… [Continue Reading]

    Birthday Post 2018 – Lessons I learned this past year
  • Hey all! So I’m gonna break down my birthday giveaway in 5 different parts: Who is Charity: Water Why I chose them and why I’m doing this Why you should enter Raffle rules Closing remarks Charity: Water— who are they? Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing… [Continue Reading]

    Amazon Giftcard Giveaway/ Charity: Water Birthday Campaign 2018
  • Out of all my friends, I’ve always been the go-to for tips about traveling. Half of it is my “planning OCD”, and the other half is because I travel a lot. These are some tricks I picked up over the years that I wanted to share! 1.Use an old iPhone case to store your sunglasses. This of… [Continue Reading]

    Packing Hacks
  • If someone were to ask me what my favorite physical attribute is, I would most definitely say my hair. I guarantee every time you spot me out or read my posts, I’ll have it down. I very rarely tie it up! Us islanders are known for our crazy long hair. And for that reason I sometimes… [Continue Reading]

    Healthy Hair Tips
  •     Since my boyfriend is always behind the camera, I wanted him to step in front of it this time so we can take cute pictures that we can have tucked away for years to come. I’m so in love with these pics!!! A special thank you to a dear friend,  Stephanie Warner (SJWPhotography)… [Continue Reading]

    Two Year Anniversary Post (2018)/ Self-love