Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Since our first year together, we decided to do annual Bae-Cation trips and chose to travel to Puerto Vallarta this past summer of 2017. I loved how low-key the city was. We went to Cancun last year and it was the total opposite. Cancun was kinda like a mini-Vegas as opposed to Puerto Vallarta’s quiet and authentic side of Mexico. There were only a few clubs and the city wasn’t flooded with as many tourists as Cancun was. If you’re looking for a more relaxed trip, with more scenic and cultural tours, as opposed to all the partying Puerto Vallarta is your best bet.

These were pics on our boat tour where we got to snorkel up-close with fishes and sail to a white sand beach about 45 minutes away from our hotel. (If anyone is interested, we booked the tour through Expedia.com- search “Las Animas Snorkeling Tour“).

I absolutely loved the tour guides, too! They were super funny and enthusiastic the entire trip. It made the 45-min boat ride to the beach seem short. After the open-sea tour, we docked our boat and had a delicious meal on the beach (so good my boyfriend ordered two rounds of what they served us).

We even met some locals after lunch, where we exchanged music and danced the day away. This little girl pictured with me was quite the dancer!

Overall I would say the trip was a success. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to document all the other activities (I need to be better about bringing my camera everywhere). In addition to this tour, we did an “Extreme Zipline Tour” in the mountains which included crazy (high and long) ziplines through the jungle, ATVing, and a huge water slide. This tour was booked through Expedia, also! I can’t wait to see where we’re going next summer!

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