Packing Hacks

Out of all my friends, I’ve always been the go-to for tips about traveling. Half of it is my “planning OCD”, and the other half is because I travel a lot. These are some tricks I picked up over the years that I wanted to share!

1. Use an old iPhone case to store your sunglasses. 

This of course is the iPhone 8 plus case and can fit sunglasses, but you can use the hard shell case for really anything fragile (i.e. earrings, watches, etc)

2. Use shower caps to store shoes in your luggage. 

(This prevents dirt from getting on the rest of your clothes!)

3. Cover the tops of toiletry bottles with Saran Wrap. 

To prevent potential leaking and spilling, secure your toilettries- I used to just tape the tops of them but they always failed me. Just unscrew the cap, place a piece of wrap over the top, and screw back on.

4. Protect your makeup with cotton pads. 

Place cotton pads inside and on top of makeup to prevent shattered pieces. The cotton acts as cushion to protect your makeup from the pressure of other items!

5. Cover your razor with a paper clip. 

This prevents the razor blades from scratching up clothes and other items, and it’s much lighter and less of a space hog than a razor case!

6. Use Ziplock bags to organize your clothes. 

This is probably my favorite hack because I like to plan outfits. I use Post-its to write out what’s in the bag- this way I can reuse the bags and I also know what to pack back up at the end of the trip (and what’s missing).

You also want to try to squeeze as much air out of the bag to save space in your luggage. This trick acts just like a vacuum sealer!

7. Use a clothes pin to store your earphones. 

This way they don’t get tangled.

By using a clothes pin it’s easily accessible as you can clip it anywhere on your bags!

That wraps up my tips for traveling! Hope you found these helpful.

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