Better Quality Sleep – 7 secrets to sleeping soundly

Better Quality Sleep

7 secrets to sleeping soundly

I used to be exhausted all the time and just thought it was old age uninvitingly knocking on my door (okay, it may still be old age). But I realized it wasn’t because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. It was because I wasn’t getting quality sleep.

Over the past two years, I’ve found different tricks to improve the quality of which includes falling asleep faster and actually staying asleep through the night. I use every single trick on this list, every night. Now it may seem high-maintenance of me to have all these things going on at once, but I’ll take high-maintenance over sleep-deprived any day 😉

benefits of getting enough sleep

— My Tips–

[#1]: White Noise

What is it?

In simple terms, white noise is a special type of sound signal that’s used to mask background noise (perfect if your neighbors have noisy dogs, you have loud roommates, etc). I’m such a light sleeper and will wake up to nearly anything, so this has helped me sleep through the night with NO interruptions.

What I use:

I use an app called “Sleep Pillow”. Click the link [here]

This app is perfect because:

  • it stays on all night (and also has a timer for if you just want it on for a certain amount of time).  
  • It doesn’t cancel your alarm. When your alarm goes off in the morning, it turns the app off.

Side note: I use the “rain” sound, but there are others like beach waves, fireplace, even crickets if that’s your cup of tea!

I SWEAR by this app you guys- I’ve referred everyone and their mamas to it cuz it’s THAT crucial.

[#2]: Chamomile Tea

What is it?

Used for centuries, chamomile is a natural herb known as the “de-stressor”. This tea helps relax your nerves and muscles, which is necessary to get a good night’s sleep. I drink it 30 minutes before bed while I’m reading a book and it sets the mood for me.

This is the tea I get [here].

There are so many options but I like this brand specifically cuz every tea bag comes with a quote. And we love a woke queen.

better quality sleep better

(Make sure that when you buy the tea- it’s decaf!)

[#3] : No coffee after 2PM

Speaking of caffeine- you gotta ditch the mid-day coffee cup.


Caffeine takes forever to wear off in your body, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Studies found that it lingers for at minimum 6 hours after consumption. This is the reason people just lay in bed forever waiting to fall asleep. So ditch the cup and get more z’s!

Read more about it [here].

[#4]: Put the wine away

Oh God, first the coffee then the wine? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you may have to adjust your nightly routine of wine and The Office if you wanna improve the quality of your sleep.

The popular belief that wine makes you sleep better is actually just a myth. You feel sleepy because alcohol is a sedative, and because of that, it causes restless sleep and frequent wake ups (if you can recall going out the night before and waking up the next day still exhausted despite sleeping in, that’s the reason).

But don’t kill the messenger! If you need more convincing, read the article [here].

[#5]: Essential oils + diffuser


What are they?

Essential oils are highly concentrated versions of natural oils found in plants.

How does it work?

Since your sense of smell is linked to memory and emotion, these oils can affect your mood. It calms and relaxes your mind and body, preparing you for sleep. I had no idea what they were until my boss introduced them to me.

It works so well that it has even helped me with jet-lag (when I traveled to the Philippines last year).

There are different ways to use essential oils:

  • Dab it on your pressure points
  • Dab it on your pillow
  • A few drops in your diffuser

This is the diffuser I use (A diffuser heats the oils until they evaporate into the air). Click [here].

And these are the essential oils I put in my diffuser [here]. There are different types, you can just add one type, or you can mix them! I mix “Good sleep” with “Stress Relief”.

[#6] – No Screens

Okay no coffee? Fine. No wine? Doable. My phone? Wow. You might as well take the air I breathe, Asia! This is a mix of sarcasm and reality for people (including me).

I actually just started taking this rule seriously because for me, my social media apps are my entertainment. I don’t watch tv or play video games, I rather look at 15 second videos, memes, and obnoxiously comment “YAS GIRL SLAY” on pics of my internet gal pals.

It was until I read an article about how electronics emit a “blue light” that surpresses melatonin (the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles). In simpler terms: your brain interprets that light as daylight and “tricks” it. So the rest of your body follows along (and keeps you awake). Crazy, right?

As a result, my boyfriend enforced the rule of no screens- computer, phone, tv, ipad- an hour before bed. We’ve replaced screens with books (which has been more productive, anyway) and we’ve fallen asleep WAY faster. He even added it to our shared calendar! 

[#7]: Anti-snoring device

Does your significant other sound like a bear protecting its cub from poachers? A motorcycle? Lawnmower? All of the above when they’re asleep? Look no further- because I found the cure.

I tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Allergy medicine, essential oils, suffocating with pillow (kidding, obviously). My boyfriend was a test-rat until we finally found what worked. I present to you: the anti- snoring device aka my lifesaver, aka a gift from God – cue the heavenly harps people!! You can buy the device [here].

Side note: I tried multiple different brands and shapes and sizes, this specific one is what worked for us (all the other ones either fell out or just didn’t work).

That wraps up my seven tips to sleep soundly. If you give any of these a try, please reach out and let me know! I would love to hear how this article helped! ♥ Now let’s get some quality sleep y’all!

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