Make Life Easier Series: My Bedroom Must-Haves

bedroom faves

“Outer order contributes to inner calm.”

-Gretchen Rubin

And by calm, I mean not going crazy every time your partner asks you where the remote is, and not panicking in the morning because you can’t find your keys and you don’t wanna be late to work (hello, it me).

Finding things that make life easier and organizing my space is my idea of fun now (my 21 year old, keg-standing, what-is-sleep self would be laughing if she read this).

If your idea of fun is the same as mine,


This kicks off my first post in my “Make Life Easier” series. Welcome!

Today’s edition: the bedroom.

Over-The-Door Iron Caddy

If your ironing board needs a home- this is the perfect item for ya. I hang my board in my closet now (alongside my iron) and I never have to worry about it falling over in the bathroom or taking up space in my room.

ironing board

It’s on sale right now (20% off) & under $10!

Get my iron caddy [here]

Transparent Key Rack

I honestly never thought having one would be so crucial to my life… until I got one. Before I got it, I probably spent an average of 5 min/day looking for my keys. Best decision I’ve ever made!

key rack

How cute is the transparent look?! I change my room decor a lot so it goes with everything 😉

Get my key rack [here]

Tile Tracker

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that locates everyday items (like your keys and wallet) in seconds. I gifted this to my boyfriend because I cannot tell you how many times his wallet has been dropped in the back of an Uber or in between his car seats.

I love it because it’s small & super lightweight so it fits anywhere.


It also comes with an easy-to-use app! And probably my favorite part: if you have your tile on you but can’t find your phone, you can press a button (on the tile) and it’ll sound off an alarm on your phone so you can find it. Works both ways!


Get my Tile tracker [here]

Anti-Blue Ray Glasses

Do your eyes sometimes hurt from looking at your computer or phone all day? It’s because these screens emit a blue light leading to “digital eyestrain”. Studies suggest that continued exposure to this light could lead to retinal damage over time.

In addition, this blue light suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, so it keeps your body up later than you plan for. I wrote about this in my [Better Quality Sleep] post.

After going public with my blog a few weeks ago, my screen time has increased dramatically so I had to find a way to lessen my headaches & found these:


These are the best selling glasses on Amazon currently! They provide different styles, too. I wear mine all day so I opted for the stylish ones 😉


Coincidentally, sales are everywhere this week! These are 15% off right now.

You can order them [here]

Duvet Cover

Okay, I may be late to the party- but why didn’t anyone tell me about a duvet cover?? If you don’t know what it is, the best way to describe it is a “pillow cover but for your comforter”.

If you hate putting your bulky comforter in the washer and dryer every time, duvet covers are perfect because they’re lightweight. It’s pretty much like washing a sheet.

If you like to change your room decor often they’re great for that too. This is the specific duvet cover I have (click the pic to take you to the link).

You would just have to get the “stuffing/insert” to go inside them. Like this:

You can get the stuffing [here]

Wireless Headphones

If you & your partner have different bed times, or if you’re just not interested in hearing a zombie apocalypse while you’re peacefully reading a book- solution: get your partner wireless headphones.

These come with a little box that connects to your tv that picks up the bluetooth signal (it can reach up to 100 feet!!); so your partner can watch tv in the same room without disturbing your peace!

The headphones are noise-cancelling also, so even if your partner is laying right next to you with them on, you won’t hear a thing (the 4.4 star user-rating & I will vouch for that).

It also comes with a charging dock 🙂


Get my headphones [here]

Bedside Caddy

Last but not least- the bedside caddy. If you genuinely enjoy your partner asking you where the remote is 500 times a week, this item isn’t for you.

Because this is literally me when I get asked every day:


Has 6 pockets (everyone loves pockets), comes in different colors, and is under $10!


This can also be used for your couches!

Get my bedside caddy [here]

These are my must-have items in my bedroom!

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