My Favorite Cleaning Hacks: Kitchen Edition

I’m pretty sure we all have the same wish to have a magic genie clean our homes in a snap of a finger. But since genies aren’t real, let me at least make a few things quicker and easier for you to clean.

Here are some of my favorite hacks I’ve found over the years (15 of them):

Introducing the AngryMama Microwave Cleaner!

Ok no matter how many times I see this picture, I laugh every time.

But in all seriousness, this thing helps you clean your microwave faster and with less work.

Here’s how:

  • The steam that comes out from the AngryMama’s head (through holes) softens microwave dirt and stains for easier and thorough cleaning, (& hands-free)
  • You just add a mixture of water + vinegar + splash of lemon juice or essential oil (optional: for fragrance)
  • Pop it in the microwave, and voila!

It’s made of durable, non-toxic, heat-resistant, and dishwasher friendly material at your convenience too 😉

You can order it [Here]

I actually had no idea this trick would work so well! Works like a charm.

You can order Magic Erasers [Here]

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish soap with 2 cups of warm water
  • Following the grain of the wood, scrub the cabinet with a clean cloth.
  • With a clean sponge and warm water, wipe away any remaining soap, and dry with a clean towel

I made a huge mess inside my oven when the juices from a meatloaf overflowed (and then got burnt to the bottom of my oven).

This trick really works & it requires no hard scrubbing!

  • Just add a little bit of water to 1/4 cup of baking soda and mix to form a thick paste
  • Then, open the door and spread the paste across the surface with a sponge
  • Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes, then wipe it off with a damp sponge

Source: [ForWomenFirst]

All you have to do is:

  • Coat the spot with baking soda
  • Then spray it with hydrogen peroxide (as a layer on top)
  • Then add another layer of baking soda on top
  • Let sit for 2 hours, and then wipe off! No scrubbing required.

[Source/for a more detailed post about it go to: OneGoodThing]

Start by filling a small bowl with ammonia and placing it in the bottom of your slow cooker (without the crock liner.)

DON’T pour the ammonia directly into the bottom of the cooker because it will simply run out all over your countertop.

Should look like this:

  • Place the lid on and walk away! (The ammonia fumes will do all the work for you- you do not have to turn the crockpot on!)
  • Let sit overnight
  • Wipe the mess right off!

If there’s still bits of gunk on it, use the combo of hydrogen peroxide + baking soda to scrub off the rest.

[Source: OneGoodThing]

Source: TheVSpot
  • Just like you’d do with the crockpot, just add 1/4 cup of ammonia into a ziplock bag with your burner in it.

Like this:

  • Leave it on a cookie sheet overnight, and then wipe clean with a wet sponge.

For more detailed instructions, peep her post [here].

& you can order ammonia [here]

Exqueeze me? Did you say flour?

Yes, flour.

  • Wash and dry the sink
  • Sprinkle the whole thing with flour
  • Then get to buffing

Give it a try!

[Source & for more details: the Kitchn]

Yall know I’m the labeling QUEEN.

But seriously, label the utensil portion of your dishwasher. My boss told me about this, and I swear by it. It makes putting away dishes SO SO SO much faster.

You can buy my label-maker [here]

Put things like water bottle tops, caps to jars, other small things to wash in there. I use these bags for my laundry as well, when I wanna add shoe laces or anything that’ll get tangled otherwise.

You can order a pack of different sized bags [here]

Magic combo = vinegar + baking soda

  • Pour a small layer (of equal parts) water and white vinegar on the bottom of the pan
  • Bring the diluted vinegar to a boil
  • After a minute, remove from heat and drain
  • Add table spoon of baking soda
  • Boil for a minute, turn stove off, and drain
  • Add tablespoon of baking soda
  • Use a scouring pad to massage baking soda into bottom of pan
  • Rinse

[Source and for more details: DIYNetwork]

  • Pour some salt over the cutting board
  •  Scrub the surface with a lemon cut into half
  • Rinse and dry

Easy peasy!


It’s common for garbage disposals to have a questionable stench- the lemon deodarizes that and then the ice helps sharpen the blades.

If you wanna deep clean the disposal, check out this article for a more thorough clean (beyond just the smell) []

When Nelly said “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen”- I felt that.

If you wanna get rid of an odor or the strong smell of something you cooked, like fish– do these easy steps:

  • Put a cup of water in a pot (uncovered)
  • Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Bring to a boil and let sit for a few minutes

The steam should neutralize the smell!


Sponges are so common for cleaning, but also a common way to spread bacteria.

Microwaving your sponges reduce the amount of bacterial contamination in it by up to 99% according to research published in 2006 in the Journal of Environmental Health.

Please make sure your sponge doesn’t have any metal scrubbers on it or it’ll wreak havoc in the microwave!

[Source: BestLife]

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you enjoyed this list, you’ll probably love my [10 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half post]

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