Tips on How I Completed a 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge as a Vegan Newbie

Just this past weekend, I successfully completed a 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge and I could not be more proud of myself!

Just a little background about myself: I love love love meat. I ate somewhat healthy here and there, as in: I ate salads, tried to opt for whole-grain as much as I can, didn’t really eat sweets.

But meat? I LOVED it.

I would often treat myself to all-you-can-eat buffets at Korean BBQ and go to TOWN- no sides, just straight meat.

As a matter of fact, I used to roll my eyes when anyone said they were a vegan (I’m so sorry but this is the truth!).

I mention all of this because if I- the carnivorous, slather cheese, butter, and anything that clogs my arteries- could complete the 21-day Plant-Based Challenge then you can too!

Here are the best tips I can give someone wanting to take on the challenge too!

Tips for Staying the Course

#1- Have a Plan

Plan your meals out ahead of time. I found that when my meals were already prepped, it reduced my desire to eat other things that weren’t plant-based.

Have a full list planned out before going to the grocery store, don’t shop aimlessly!

#2- Have an Accountability Partner(s)

Tell your close friends and/or partner about your goal, and ask them to hold you accountable.

I had a group chat with 3 other friends who were doing the plant-based challenge with me.

In this chat we held each other accountable, sent photos of our meals, encouraged each other, and even sent each other motivating quotes!

You don’t necessarily need to have someone join you, but it does help a TON when you have someone there to slap some sense into you when you reach for a slice of (non-vegan) pizza!

#3 – Get Clear on Your “Why”

Really dig deep to find the real reason you wanna do the challenge.

Try to avoid surface-level why’s like “I wanna lose weight”– but why exactly do you wanna lose weight?

Wanting to lose weight can have deeper, stronger desires such as:

  • I wanna be healthier so I can watch my kids grow old
  • I wanna have more energy at work/at home
  • Maybe a family member passed away from an unhealthy lifestyle and you wanna change the course of your life and make healthier decisions about food

(These are all my why’s by the way^)

Your “why” will be your north star throughout the challenge and will give you the most motivation to stay the course and hit your goal.

The more specific your “why”, the better.

And when you’re tempted or wanna give up, always go back to your “why”.

#4- Rid Your Home of the Foods That’ll Tempt You

Out of sight, out of mind. If they’re not within reach, you won’t be as tempted to break your commitment!

If I physically have to get up and get in my car, go to the store and buy chips, it would be easier for me to just say no and opt for a healthy snack that’s already in the kitchen.

#5- Set Up A Reward System

For example, at the end of the day if you ate everything plant-based, reward yourself with an episode on Netflix, or set a big prize at the end of the 21 Day Challenge- like a weekend getaway, a shopping trip, new shoes, anything!

#6- Surround Yourself with People That Have the Same Goal

Talk to your vegan friends or coworkers more during the challenge, ask other friends if they wanna do the challenge with you, follow not only Vegan Instagrammers, but vegan recipe pages as well- they even have vegan meme pages!

“One of the most effective things you can do to build better habits is to join a culture where your desired behavior is the normal behavior.”

Those are my best tips for those who wanna take on the 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge. I’ve had nothing but positive results at the end of mine, and I really hope to inspire others to take on the challenge themselves.

You can do it!

To read about my results of the challenge, click [HERE].

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