My Story

My Story

Why do I love empowering women? I get asked this question often.

For all my life, I thought God was punishing me. From experiencing unimaginable childhood trauma and then entering adulthood attracting toxic relationships left and right (friends, family, and every man that I dated), I had a cynical hatred in my heart. I literally hated seeing other people happy. On top of that, having anxiety, depression, and PTSD made it so easy for me to play the victim.

It wasn’t until I started diving deeper and piecing together the bigger picture of why I was so unhappy.

After just scratching the surface, and consistently doing inner work, I eventually became so in love with myself that I knew I needed to spread this love and the lessons I’ve learned to other women as well.

After a year of laser-focus & determination pursuing my passion, I was awarded the 2019 Woman of the Year Award by Women on the Rise (a global organization that recognizes women for their efforts in empowering women in their community) and my blog has sky-rocketed- landing me on multiple podcasts, motivational speeches on big stages, featured on multiple women empowerment pages, interviewed on the news, and even front page of 2 newspapers.

My life’s mission is to help and reach as many women as I can, because I’m a firm believer that when a woman feels appreciated, loved, understood, empowered – she in return, will help others elevate.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across waters to create many ripples.” 


Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! Let’s change the world.

island honey ♥

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